This conference programme aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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  • Artificial Intelligence: a 360° perspective including business, ethics, society and climate.

    Richard Benjamins, Author, EU Parliament AI Expert, Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefonica
    AI, as a transformational technology, provides us with many opportunities in business, society, government and in our lives. However, there are also negative, although oftentimes unintended, consequences of the use of AI. This talk will give a 360 perspective of the use of AI, including business,...

    10x Thinking - How Google is driving Innovation

    Stefan Ebener, Machine Learning Expert, Author, Head of Customer Engineering at Google
    At Google we have a deep belief in making information accessible and useful. It’s in our DNA so it is present in everything we do - from our consumer products like Search, Gmail, Ads, to our Enterprise Cloud Business.
    Our culture encourages the testing of new ideas. Some of...

  • Strategic Aspects of Synthetic Data in IT & Business

    Alin Kalam, Head of Market Intelligence & Retail Digital Data Strategy at UNIQA Insurance Group AG
    In the 1st part this industry session will provide introduction into the topic of synthetic data, it´s current usage and stage of innovation.  
    Further best practice Use Cases from e.g. Aviation, Banking and production orientated Industries will be used to demonst...

    Data Breach requirements explained – based on 5 real cases

    Theodora Dragan, Swiss Data Protection Officer at Pictet Bank
    During this industry session, the speaker will discuss 5 practical examples of real data breach notifications submitted to European data protection authorities, including: * Ransomware attacks * Data exfiltration attacks * Internal HR risks * Lost or stolen devices * Social engineering After pre...

  • Cyber security - tame complexity with context, collaboration and cyber hygiene

    Bernhard Distl, Senior IT Security Officer at SIX Group
    Cyber security is a buzz word paradise and we sometimes risk to lose focus of what really matters for us. After putting cyber security elements in context to each other, we look at how threat intelligence can further help to focus activities with a risk based approach. Finally, it is important to...

    Don't hide behind servers: Why CIOs need to speak with customers

    Daniel Fiechter, Group Chief Information Officer, Member of the Executive Board at STOBAG AG
    With the digital transformation the role of the IT has shifted from a support function to a strategic enabler, especially when it comes to a great customer experience. Learn why the customer-centric CIO needs to understand the customers and their needs and how IT architecture can make or break th...

    Digital Transformation – Operating Model & Organizational Structure

    Thomas Kleine, Head of IT / Country Lead Pfizer Digital at Pfizer Deutschland GmbH
    How to craft & implement a new, product-oriented operating model together with IT and business? Business IT Alignment: How to optimize collaboration How can the CIO support the development of new business models and innovations? Scaling digital transformation - How do I quickly achieve a large...

  • Blockchain Business Models & Use Cases

    Georges Grivas, Professor of digital business & innovation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Chairman of the Swiss Digital Finance Conference.
    Blockchain has the potential to change the entire value chain for several industries. As a result, many organizations are rethinking their business models in the light of Blockchain technology. In the financial services, Blockchain is being used to conduct tamper-proof transactions and massively ...

    Enabling Data Driven Manufacturing

    Felix Streichert, Manager Data Strategy and Management at Bosch
    Data driven manufacturing aims for the efficiency gains of I4.0 and the improved decision making resulting from Big Data Analytics. But investment cycles and heterogeneity of IT systems in Manufacturing require more flexible data management and governance approaches to realize such gains. This ta...


    Larry Bonfante, Chief Information Officer at USTA- USA, “CIO Hall of Fame”

    "It has been my privilege to speak at Richmond Events fine conferences. Their focus on creating an individual value proposition for each of their delegates along with their focus on engaging world class though leaders ensures that their attendees receive a great experience and get the mos...



    Annekatrin Stiels, Leadership Coach and NLP Trainer of A.Stiels Kommunikation & Personalentwicklung

    "Richmonds professional selection of speakers enables participants to receive suggestions on current topics in their respective industries. They provide a unique platform participants use extending their network. As a speaker, I greatly appreciate the collaboration with Richmond Events.&...



    Dr Graeme Codrington, futurist and speaker, international director of TomorrowToday
    "I have had the privilege of working with Richmond Events in both Switzerland and the UK for the past five years, and have enjoyed every engagement. Across the board, their conference teams are professional, focused and a pleasure to work with. Each event they host is well constructed, using...


    Bryan Barrow, Principal Consultant, Nova Consulting
    I had the pleasure of speaking at Richmond Events’ Risk and Security Forum in Zurich and was mightily impressed, both with the professionalism of the Richmond Events team and the event itself.

    Richmond did a fantastic job of putting together a programme that brought together ...

  • Digital mindset & the "War for Talent"

    Thomas Kleine, Head of IT / Country Lead Pfizer Digital at Pfizer Deutschland GmbH
    o How can the relevance of the IT function and the CIO as a driver be strengthened? – in particular also post-pandemic. How do you manage to reposition yourself capitalizing on the New Normal?
    o What ...

    Post Quantum Cryptography: do we need it?

    Leonardo Casubolo, Director Global IT Infrastructure and Security at Burckhardt Compression AG
    Quantum computing and its impact on prime number mathematics is about to move beyond the confines of the university world to enter the real world.
    Someone estimates they will be available in 5 years. Nobody talks more than a decade. 
    As a result, the risk that ma...

    Cybersecurity: concrete actions to reduce the attack surface

    Quentin Bauden, Head of Regional Digital Services at Mettler Toledo International
    Cybersecurity has made it to the top of the agenda for most companies. While there are best practices and standard frameworks that can be applied for most organizations, each of them need to identify the adequate solutions to address their vulnerabilities and reduce their attack surface.

  • Increasing operational resilience in light of increased cyber threats

    Benedikt Schmid, Chief Information Officer at AXIS Re
    In recent years, cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and widespread, particularly ransomware. While cyber protection remains a key priority, operational resilience has become just as important, because the question is not only if (with focus on prevention, protection and detection) ...

    Cloud computing: what are the key elements to developing an effective cloud strategy that can boost technological agility and support business growth?

    Carlo Bettin, Head of Bank IT Services at Corner Bank
    The cloud is an established reality, and many companies aim to leverage it to increase agility and to support business strategy. But there are a lot of different cloud models, and each company must find the one that best fits its needs. Our panel will try to identify the elements to consider...

  • Collaboration Governance in the age of Agile Organization

    Andreas Gapsch, Head IT-Service Delivery & ICT Cluster Central EU at Hero AG
    Since Corona, collaboration in most companies has changed dramatically; home offices and tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. have become standard for our communication and collaboration. The question for many mid-sized companies is how to respond to this change in the context of informatio...

    How to get your funding for Digital Business Transformation

    Urs-Ulrich Katzenstein, Head of IT at Bell Schweiz AG
    Funding of digital transformation projects is often hard because providing a direct benefit of investment is in many cases difficult, complex and tedious 
    Unclear use cases lack power to ...

  • Das Abenteuer ins Ungewisse

    Matthias Haunholder, Professional extreme skier, adventurer and film producer
    Matthias Haunholder hat auf seinen Ski-Expeditionen in die menschenfeindlichsten Orte unserer Erde herausfordernde Situationen erlebt. Seine Abenteuer in Orten wie Onekotan, Sibirien, der Arktis oder der Antarktis haben sein Leben geprägt und ihn in vielerlei Hinsicht reifen lassen.

    Active Resilience form Professional Sports

    Nadine Rass, PGA Golfprofessional, Dipl. Resilience Trainer at Resilience Coaching & Consulting
    STRESS makes you tired. The modern high-performance society is caught by the digital consumption ecstasy and do not become happier but spiritless. Active resilience training keeps your physical and mental health in balance. “Under high pressure it is not the knowledge that counts, but ...

  • Wine Cellar Tour with Tasting

    Sommelier of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
    Wine tour by sommeliers of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

  • Nihil admirari: be surprised at nothing - Ransomware and Business Continuity

    Monika Josi, Head of Business Consulting at Aveniq
    Exchange ProxyLogon Vulnerability, Log4j, the return of Emotet: the past few months highlighted that there is no such thing as being fully secure. Many companies decided to shift their focus from cybersecurity to cyber resilience. This allowed them to both look at their cybersecurity readiness as...

    Zero Trust – a Game Changer for powerful IT Security?

    Michael Veit, Technology Evangelist at Sophos
    Trust is earned, not given. This talk will elaborate on principles of zero trust: trust nothing, verify everything. In a more and more flexible working world without network borders, individual users and devices become their own micro-segmented perimeter that must be handled by companies as flawl...

    Attack target Azure - how hackers operate and “best practice” protection against cybercrime.

    Stephan Berger, Senior Cyber Security Analyst at InfoGuard AG
    More and more companies are using cloud services like Microsoft Azure and migrating their workloads to the cloud. We show you how cybercriminals hack Azure AD accounts and how you can protect yourself against the most common attack methods in the Azure environment.

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